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Meeting Documents
2021-04_GIN Agenda Final
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2021-04-12_Total_ Infill Drilling HPHT and deep water
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2021-04-12_Shell_Experience of depleted HPHT field
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2021-04-12_OTM_Meeting Introduction_Closing
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2021-04-12_OMV_Reducing the uncertainty of fault reactivation risk using fault seal analysis
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2021-04-12_ENI_Stress path prediction in depleted reservoirs
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2021-04-12_CNOOC_Fault Characterisation
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2021-04-12_Aker BP_Stress Paths during depletion and repressurization in the Valhall Field
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2020-09-24_Total_Support of the geomechanics Forage and Puits
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2020-09-24_OTM_Welcome and Introduction
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2020-09-24_OMV_How Does Geomechancis Aid and Improve Drilling Operations
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2020-09-24_CNOOC_Aiding and Improving D&C Standards and Assurance in CNOOC
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2020-09-24_Aker BP_Standards and Assurance for Geomechanics in Aker BP
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2020-09-24_Aker BP_Aiding and Improving Drilling Operations in Aker BP
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2020-06-18_Total_Sand production modelling
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2020-06-18_OMV_Sand Production Prediction
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2020-06-18_Geomechanics Initiative Agenda
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2020-06-18_Aker BP_Injection modeling and monitoring
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2019-09-19_Total_Welcome to the_CSTJF
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2019-09-19_Total_Method of Formation Pressure Integrity Test
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2019-09-19_Shell_Shearwater Overview
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2019-09-19_OTM_Introduction Slides
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2019-09-19_OTM_closeout slides
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2019-09-19_OMV_Shallow Formation Testing
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2019-09-19_OMV_How to avoid drillig problems in HPHT wells
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2019-09-19_IBM_Practical Applications of Data Science
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2019-09-19_BP_Equivalent Flow Rate Method
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2019-09-19_Aker BP_Shallow Formation Testing
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2019-09-19_Aker BP Experience with HPHT
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2019-01-23_Geomechanics Initiative_Agenda_V8
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2019-01-23_9_NEXEN_Buzzard-casing deformation study
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2019-01-23_8_BP_Overview of impact stress changes on wells in the short and long terms
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2019-01-23_7_SHELL_Geomechanical aspects of induced seismicity in the Groningen field
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2019-01-23_6_OMV_Compaction_Subsidence_Induced Seismicity
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2019-01-23_16_AKER BP_Experience with Compaction and Subsidence and Induced Seismicity
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2019-01-23_15_WINTERSHALL_Proxy to evaluate the stress sensitivity of the matrix medium
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2019-01-23_14_OMV_Microseismic-pilots in OMV
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2019-01-23_13_NEXEN_Identifying and maintaining subsurface integrity
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2019-01-23_10_ROCKFIELD - Subsurface Integrity
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2018-06-21_WINTERSHALL_Preventing and managing geomechanically related drilling issues
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2018-06-21_TOTAL_Tyra collaborative drilling study a few lessons
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2018-06-21_SINTEF_Digitalised uncertainty handling of pore pressure and mud-weight window
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2018-06-21_NEXEN_Data Acquisition Planning
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2018-06-21_Geomechanics Initiative_Agenda_Final
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2018-06-21_ENI_Challenges in wellbore Stability
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2017-05-11_Geomechics Initiative - Pre-launch meeting slides
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